Photo of Keith Nugent

Keith Nugent
Chief Technology Officer

Keith is the Fractional CTO at Connected Class, bringing a broad spectrum of experience in business leadership, strategy, and technical expertise. With a career spanning diverse industries, Keith has a proven track record in establishing and accomplishing strategic objectives, a testament to his ability to envision clear goals and execute focused, efficient plans.

At the heart of Keith’s success is his passion for market-driven innovation. This was exemplified during his tenure as head of research, development, and innovation at L3Harris Electronic Systems Division, where he not only received an excellence award but also co-pioneered the company’s first-ever global innovation platform. This initiative bridged the gap between innovators and key business leaders worldwide, fostering unprecedented collaboration and growth.

Keith’s academic journey in Aerospace Engineering from Florida Tech laid the foundation for his deep understanding of technology and business strategy. His keen eye for identifying strengths and opportunities has been instrumental in crafting strategies that drive growth and operational excellence. His expertise spans across startups to Fortune 500 companies, helping them set and achieve ambitious goals.