Using Learning Link Kits in the Classroom

Learning Link by Connected Class is a robust, standards-based resource that complements classroom instruction and promotes parent engagement.  Teachers with access to Learning Link can weave these math and literacy concepts into their classroom instruction.  Each Learning Link is standards-based, and each comes with a way to modify the activity to make it easier or more challenging depending on the student’s skill level and need.

To get the most out of the Learning Link product, we recommend using the Learning Link Kit as well.  Schools may want to provide a classroom set for their teachers to use in the classroom.  Students could also take the kits home for continued learning.

Here are some suggestions for using Learning Link and Learning Link Kits effectively in the classroom:

  • Use them for a whole group activity. Provide a kit for each student. Watch the Learning Link video together, demonstrate the game or activity, and then encourage play.
  • Create centers around the classroom using Learning Link and Kits.
  • Utilize as an icebreaker, bell ringer, or brain breakfast to get students thinking.
  • Organize small groups focused on different concepts based on skill level.
  • Use as an incentive for students who complete classwork or are well-behaved.

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