Connected Class Services

Connected Class supports instruction through family engagement and targeted professional learning opportunities via online content and web-based coaching. 

Learning Link Program

The Learning Links program provides over 150 animated videos that highlight a game, strategy, or activity for core curriculum concepts with modification options. The educator implements the experiences in the classroom and then shares them with families, based on individual student needs via the system. Families then have the option to practice at home and teachers can track participation and progress. (Learn more about Learning Link and view examples.) School administrators have the option to participate in data analysis and discussions with instructional specialists so that implementation of the Learning Link program is customized based on the school’s goals.

  • Summer Success:  The Learning Link Summer Success Program helps children avoid the Summer Slide by providing students and their families with access to engaging games, strategies, and activities in literacy and math. The program’s curriculum is designed to fit the student’s academic level and address skills that need to be sharpened in grades K-8.

Direct Connect

Our Direct Connect online platform is a private messaging system where educators communicate directly with an instructional specialist, ask questions, and receive support strategies for student achievement. Communications with an instructional specialist remain private and provide innovative strategies for subject-area instruction, classroom management techniques, and research-based resources.

Resource Room

Resource Room by Connected Class is a searchable forum featuring over 1,000 resources across all content areas and grade levels. The mission of this online platform is to provide the busy educator with innovative solutions to everyday classroom challenges in a fast, efficient manner. Here at Connected Class we locate professional articles to support the continued growth of educators; we find online resources that are useful in your classroom as well as provide products developed by our own educators at Connected Class.

Customized Trainings

We specialize in the delivery of customized trainings for schools and organizations. We offer professional development for all academic levels (K-12). In addition to offering all core subject area trainings, Connected Class can support your institution in the areas of differentiated instruction, multiple intelligence, brain-compatible learning, implementing technology into the curriculum, and much more.  Our sessions focus on creative strategies that are innovative as well as practical to implement into the classroom. Connected Class also offers on-site and virtual parent trainings.

On-site Consulting

Connected Class believes quality professional learning development must be on-going and supported through complete implementation. Our consultants are available year-round to work with administrators, teachers, support staff, and parents.

Connected Class continues to provide strong results year over year.  . . . Ms. Reaves and Connected Class continue to be one of our strongest partners in helping us effectively meet the needs of schools receiving equitable services.”

Nicole C. Smith, Director, Federal and State Programs, The School District of Palm Beach County, Florida
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