Learning Link Summer Success Program

The Learning Link Summer Success Program helps children avoid the Summer Slide by providing students and their families with access to engaging games, strategies, and activities in literacy and math. The program’s curriculum is designed to fit the student’s academic level and address skills that need to be sharpened in grades K-8.

Did You Know?

The average student experiences notable learning loss of math and reading skills over the summer, which can impact how well they begin the next school year.  Educators refer to this learning loss as the Summer Slide.

How Does the Program Work?

The Summer Success Program is available for purchase by school districts, public schools, private schools as well as parents. Districts and schools may be able to utilize Title I and/or Title IV funding to purchase the program for students.  For more information about how to purchase this program for your school or district, please contact us at support@connectedclass.com.  Parents may purchase the Summer Success Program directly from our products page.

The Summer Success Program includes:

  • A Parent Welcome Letter detailing what can be expected
  • Weekly emails sent directly to parents over the 10 weeks of summer with Learning Link videos demonstrating a math and literacy game/activity appropriate for the student’s grade level
  • Curriculum for the program
  • Checklist for students to track their progress
  • Learning Link Kit with everything needed to play the Learning Link games and activities, packaged in a Connected Class drawstring backpack
  • Ongoing instructional and customer support provided to families throughout the summer
  • Parent/Family engagement data that can be shared with all stakeholders prior to the next school year

All You Need To Know About Your Learning Link Kit

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