Stop Whining and Just Read With Me Already!

Nightly Reading Program

Do you have trouble getting your students to complete their nightly reading?  We have outlined a simple-to-use program that demonstrates creative ways to encourage your students to read using a series of Learning Link videos called the Stop Whining and Just Read With Me Already Series. The goal of Learning Link by Connected Class is to create partnerships between the classroom and home environment.  You can send the videos home in an email through our easy-to-use platform.  Each week you will send home one Learning Link video describing a fun way to complete daily reading.  Students will fill out a reading log and return it on Friday of each week.

Although it sometimes seems like a chore, nightly reading is very important for your students.  A study done by Nagy and Herman in 1987 showed the difference between a student who read for 20 minutes a day compared to a student who only read five minutes.  By the end of 8th grade, the student who read for 20 minutes each day will have spent 60 school days reading compared to only 12 school days for the student who read 5 minutes each day.  The vocabulary of the first student will be much greater.  In addition, students who have a high level of parent involvement at home score higher on comprehension tests.  Reading also provides students with more general knowledge about different topics that could help them increase their comprehension.

Below we mapped out the details of the program along with links to all the resources you will need.

Materials Provided

How to use the program:  

  1. Send one Learning Link video per week.  You can repeat the cycle throughout the year and send some videos multiple times.
    1. To begin the program, send home the Stop Whining and Just Read With Me Already Intro video along with the Parent Welcome Letter.  These will explain the program and the importance of nightly reading to the parents.
    2. When you start the program, on Monday send home a Stop Whining and Just Read With Me Already Learning Link video and the Daily At-Home Reading Log. Parents can watch the video with their child and then try that strategy to make their nightly reading more exciting if they want.  Children do not have to use the strategies.  They are simply suggestions.
    3. Children should read for at least 20 minutes.  Then have the parent fill out the Daily At-Home Reading Log with the date, time spent reading and the Learning Link video strategy used if there is one.  On Friday students will return the Daily At-Home Reading Log to school.
    4. The process should be repeated each week.  Here is a suggestion of which video to send each week:
  2. Here are some ideas for incentives that you can add to the program:
    1. Allow students to choose something from the prize box after a month of successful nightly reading.
    2. Give students who completed their reading 10 minutes to play a game on Friday.
    3. Have a popcorn party.
    4. Give them a free homework pass after completing a determined amount of reading time.