Turn Summer Boredom Into
Family Fun & Learning Success!

Give your child a summer full of learning, laughter, and growth
with our Summer Success Program!

The Problem

Summer is here — a time for fun and restoration, but it’s also important to keep your kid’s skills sharp.

While it’s a great time for fun, it’s also a time when your child can lose 2.6 months of math skills and 2 months of reading skills. Don’t let the summer slide set them back!

The Summer Success Program is the solution.

Introducing the Summer Success Program: a one-stop solution for at-home learning and fun! Our engaging program helps your child retain and build on their academic gains while turning summer boredom into family bonding time.

The Solution

Turn summer boredom into family fun with educational activities and games that you don’t have to come up with yourself! The Summer Success Program is a one-stop solution for at-home learning and fun to help your child retain and build on their academic gains.

Engaging games by grade level to strengthen literacy and math skills

Our program will help your child strengthen their literacy and math skills with fun, challenging games that reinforce the concepts that they learned during the year.

Quality time spent laughing and learning with your child

The program includes everything you need with a step-by-step guide to fun, engaging learning.

Access to our learning specialists for personalized guidance

Get stuck or have a question? Our learning specialists are there to help and guide you through the process and answer any questions you might have.

Become a master educator with bi-weekly video-embedded emails

The program is filled with engaging videos and content to help keep your child motivated and on track — professionally produced and fun for everyone!

Summer Learning Kit: a box full of fun and educational surprises!

Surprise challenges, explorations, and other content amp up the fun and keep your child interested for what’s next!

Customer Reviews

Just some of our success stories!

“I love Learning Link not only as an educator but as a parent! The games are so engaging and my family loves playing them together!”

Lois Jenison, ESE Teacher
Berean Christian School

“I love the different levels it has to accommodate every student. I would highly recommend this program.”

Donna Robb, Middle School Teacher
Greenacres Christian Academy

“The instructional videos are short and very easy to follow, and .  .  .  make learning fun at home.”

Irena Scope-Koukalová, Parent
Boca Christian School

Ready to have an incredible summer with your child?

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