Photo of Lisa Eubank

Lisa Eubank, MSW, LCSW
SEL Specialist

Lisa provides professional development training on trauma for our clients. Lisa Eubank is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Trauma Therapist and Trainer. Lisa has a Masters in Social Work from the University of Central Florida and is nationally trained as a Trauma Therapist. Lisa started her experiential journey in 2010, working hands-on with foster children in a group home setting. Lisa has experience with the Department of Children and Families and Child Protection. She has extensive experience working with foster care and adoption agencies, providing training, support, and therapy for individuals and their families who have suffered significant trauma. Lisa has specialized training not only in trauma therapy, but also human trafficking, sexual abuse, domestic violence, and attachment disorders. Lisa also provides trauma training for professionals.  Lisa provides an evidenced-based, holistic, and eclectic approach to her work. The treatment and modalities used will depend on the target audience, the client, their specific needs, and the needs of their family.