Sheri Lamb Reading Challenge:  During this 9-week reading challenge, your students will be encouraged to develop a daily reading routine using Connected Class’s Stop Whining and Just Read with Me Already Learning Link series.  Join our 30-minute webinar on one of the following dates: August 25th, August 31st, September 16th, or September 22nd to learn more details about how the challenge will work and prizes you can win. Click here to register.

On June 24, 2021, Connected Class was recognized with the STEM Small Business Innovator of the Year Award by the Space Coast chapter of Women in Defense.
Pictures and video of ceremony


Live Webinar!
Sheri Lamb Reading Challenge
Information Webinars:

AUG 25, 4-4:30 PM

AUG 31, 4-4:30 PM

SEPT 16, 4-4:30PM

SEPT 22, 4-4:30 PM

The Official Sheri Lamb
Reading Challenge 
Oct 4 – Dec 3


Avoid the Summer Slide!
By providing students and their families with access to engaging games, strategies, and activities in literacy and math, Connected Class is working to help students avoid summer learning loss. Learning Link Summer Success Program