Innovative Support for School Administrators

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Every bit of research available suggests the most important factor in the success of today’s students is the quality of the teaching they receive. School and District Administrators are looking for professional development tools and opportunities that go beyond team building exercises and role playing. Mentoring, coaching, and access to resources that are known to increase student achievement is what matters to today’s administrators.

Fundamentals may not change, but approach, activities, and differentiation of instruction do. Administrators are looking for forward-thinking strategies with time-tested, research-driven results to provide to their teachers to strengthen their skills throughout the life of their career.

We understand there can’t be a “one size fits all” approach to improving instructional effectiveness, which is why Connected Class provides a broad variety of effective strategies and a robust online platform with 24-hour access to resources and coaching as teachers plan, create, and inspire.

“Connected Class Learning Link videos have given our school an easy way to bridge the gap between the home and school. Parent involvement is the key to student success but doing homework and completing a reading log is not always fun. The Learning Link videos provide educators with an easy way to share fun educational ideas with parents in a simple email format. The guesswork has been removed for us as a school! . . . My teachers use them to reinforce skills that are being taught in the classroom. It is a win-win for educators, parents, and administrators!”

Katie Kervi, Principal, Saint Juliana Catholic School, West Palm Beach, FL
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