Inspiring and Assisting Educators to Impact Learning

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Connected Class helps educators stay connected and supported in an ever-changing, fast-paced world where information is easily accessible, but sorting through what is useful and leads to success is difficult. The mission of this online platform is to provide the busy educator with innovative solutions to everyday classroom challenges in a fast, efficient manner.

Educators face many instructional, motivational, and disciplinary challenges every day, don’t go it alone.

Connected Class consists of Direct Connect online coaching, our Resource Room online library of tools for subject areas and other classroom management and communication essentials, Learning Link on-demand video collection that builds communication between the classroom and home environment, Connected Courses, which provides targeted training for educators and administrators, and through our Digital Safety program we help schools partner with families to ensure technology is a safe resource for students.

Direct Connect: Online Coaching with Experienced Educators

Do you ever just want to ask a trusted educator a question to help you solve an issue, but you do not know where to turn? Connected Class innovative mission is to connect educators to increase classroom effectiveness and confidence.

Our Direct Connect online platform is a private messaging system where educators can communicate directly with an instructional specialist, ask questions, and receive support strategies for student achievement.

Resource Room: Tools Every Teacher Needs

Are you overwhelmed with all the resources out there to help teachers but confused on what really works? Not sure where to find free resources for your specific needs?

The Connected Class Resource Room is a forum highlighting resources that every teacher needs, links to hot topics and cool free stuff along with creative solutions to common school challenges. The Resource Room features articles across all content areas including technology in the classroom and increasing family engagement.

Learning Link: Building the Connection Between the Classroom and Home

The goal of Connected Class is to support learning by enhancing communication between the classroom and the home environment through exciting games, strategies, and activities.

Learning Link videos and other resources speak to the classroom teacher as well as the parent. Each video focuses on one concept. That concept is modeled as a game, strategy or as an activity. Each video includes ways to modify the learning experience for both struggling learners as well as students that need to be challenged.

The educator is encouraged to implement the engaging experiences in the classroom then forward the video email to parents. Families are able to see what is occurring in the classroom and they have a fun way to practice newly learned material at home. The videos make it easy to implement. The emails are ready to go with an additional written activity card for review. The email system also tracks who is watching and opening the resources. It is as simple as watch, play, and forward!

“I have been in the educational field for over 15 years and am delighted to have found a Professional Development program that gives the teacher an exclusive array of unique learning techniques and strategies to use in the classroom that directly includes the parents.”

Kathy De Arellano, 2nd Grade Teacher, Sacred Heart School, Lake Worth, FL
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