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Educators, do you spend endless hours locating resources to support student achievement? Would you like one location where you can find hot topics and cool free stuff for your classroom?

Resource Room by Connected Class is a searchable forum featuring resources across all content areas and grade levels. The mission of this online platform is to provide the busy educator with innovative solutions to everyday classroom challenges in a fast, efficient manner. Here at Connected Class we locate professional articles to support the continued growth of educators, we find online resources that are useful in your classroom as well as provide products developed by our own educators at Connected Class.


All students need to become strong readers. The Resource Room is broken down into three different grade bands: primary, intermediate and secondary. Each grade band provides numerous resources for literature and informational text. The K-2 and 3-5 grade bands include posts for foundational skills.


Multiply the number of resources at your fingertips for teaching math skills by searching through all the domains organized by three different grade bands: primary, intermediate and middle school.


The integration of Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics has encouraged educators to create more enterprising ways to present the material and engage students. Our Connected Class Resource Room has tools to incorporate the skills from each discipline into activities that present the concepts in a revolutionary way for students to retain.

Title I Students

Our Resource Room has a variety of posts to aid the most challenged learners and children in need of additional academic support. Users will find reading and mathematics resources with research-based strategies to utilize with Title I students.

Parent and Family Engagement

Family involvement has been shown to dramatically impact a child’s learning success. The Connected Class Resource Room has components that increase parent-teacher communication and engagement, and empower parents to continue the educational environment beyond the school walls.

Classroom Management

Even the seasoned educator could use strategies to manage today’s classrooms. The Connected Class Resource Room has techniques that have been proven to maximize instructional time and minimize distractions and classroom disruptions.

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