Customized Training, On-site Consulting
and Web-based Support

Connected Class is committed to develop educators, parents, and students in all core areas of learning through a creative, hands-on approach. Connected Class is available to work on both short and long range projects, spanning from a single on-site visit to a comprehensive district-wide professional development plan with web-based support.

Customized Training

We specialize in the delivery of customized trainings for schools and organizations. We offer professional development for all academic levels (K-12). In addition to offering all core subject area trainings, Connected Class can support your institution in the areas of differentiated instruction, multiple intelligence, brain-compatible learning, implementing technology into the curriculum and much more.  Our sessions focus on creative strategies that are innovative as well as practical to implement into the classroom. Connected Class also offers on-site parent trainings.

On-Site Consulting

Connected Class believes quality professional development must be on-going and supported through complete implementation. Our consultants are available year-round to work with administrators, teachers, support staff and parents.

Web-based Support

At Connected Class we take it a step further and support our trainings with web-based coaching. Direct Connect is an online discussion forum for educators to communicate directly with our educational specialists. Our web-based options allows for continued, timely impact into the classroom and for student achievement. Connected Class ensures student success by making the connection between the educational setting and home environment. The online Parent Resource Center offers monthly hands-on educational activities that are creative and fun. In addition we offer schools and districts, Ask the Teacher, an online discussion forum between our educational specialists and parents.

“…Connected Class also offers immediate responses to questions and/or ideas providing a personal touch to your teaching experience. Connected Class is like having a virtual co-teacher right in the classroom with you.”

Kathy De Arellano, 2nd Grade Teacher, Sacred Heart School, Lake Worth, FL
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