Did You Know?

The average child experiences learning loss of math and reading skills over the summer. Educators refer to this as the Summer Slide.

Learning Link Summer Success Program

Connected Class has launched the Learning Link Summer Success Program to help children avoid the Summer Slide by providing students and their families with access to engaging games, strategies, and activities in literacy and math. The program’s curriculum is designed to fit the student’s academic level and address skills that need to be sharpened.

What is Learning Link?

Sample Learning Link Videos

What are the benefits of Learning Link?

  • Helps the busy educator establish regular, two-way meaningful communication linked to learning and school-wide goals.
  • Supports differentiation.
  • Challenges advanced learners and motivates students that need creative ways to practice basic skills.
  • Builds the family’s capacity and teaches them the skills they need to encourage their child’s development while having fun!

Check Out Our Learning Link Take-Home Kits

Let Learning Link bring the classroom and home environment together to help all children reach their full potential. Learning Link gives educators and families the resources they need to raise student achievement.

Teachers And Parents, Get Connected, Stay Connected And Learn For A Brighter Tomorrow!

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