How to Build a Successful Instructional Coaching Program

This article by Jason Stricker and Jason Culbertson explains how to create an instructional coaching program that leads to increased student achievement.

Principal as Instructional Leader:  Designing a Coaching Program That Fits

This article by Lucy Steiner and Julie Kowal from Readin Rockets explains the importance of the principal’s involvement in the coaching program.  Even though administrators cannot always be in the classroom providing direct coaching, they must work to help set goals and then choose a coaching strategy to implement that will help the school meet those goals.

What It Takes to Be a Special Education Coach

This post by Heather Noncek on the TeachBoost blog explains the role of a special education coach.  She writes that most special education coach interactions with classroom teachers stem from a particular need that a student or group of students has rather than teaching instructional strategies.  The importance of collaboration and working across buildings are also mentioned.

The Influence of Instructional Coaches on Special Educators’ Skills and Effectiveness

This dissertation by Julie Olsen examines the impact instructional coaches have on special educators.