This website allows you to simplify difficult English for faster comprehension, as well as teach vocabulary. You can copy challenging text into the website to reword the difficult text into words students understand. The site also comes with classic literature and public documents you can easily reword. Check out the demo to learn about all the features of the site, such as monitoring student reading time, learning progress and learning errors. Full-color, real-time charts and reports for educators are also provided.

Read and teach smarter with

This video explains how to use Rewordify.

Nonfiction Resources from the Center for Urban Education

These one-page nonfiction passages are leveled using the Fry formula.  Grades 2-10 are covered.  It also provides books that use each type of informational text structure.

Vocabulary Strategies 101

Do you have a student that struggles determining the meaning a new word? Here is resource card you can use with the student to help them understand four basic vocabulary strategies they can use. Have the student identify which strategy they used when they come across a word they do not know.

Improving Comprehension for Students with LD

Do you have students who can decode words but have trouble comprehending text?  This article from Reading Rockets by Joanna P. Williams provides strategies that teachers can use to help students understand narrative and expository texts.