Target Divisor: Mastering Basic Division Facts Program

Do you have students that need to master their basic division facts? We have outlined a simple-to-use program using creative hands-on games to increase accuracy and speed for divisors up to 12. The goal of Learning Link by Connected Class is to create partnerships between the classroom and home environment. You can use the games in the classroom and then send them home to families for additional practice with our easy-to-use platform. This program allows you to differentiate based on need and focus on specific divisors to increase math fluency.

The Target Divisor Program comes with all the forms, quizzes, answer sheets, and parent communication you need to be successful. (All resources are linked below in the Materials Provided section.) It is fast and easy for the busy educator to use and generally takes only 10 minutes a week of instructional time. It begins by giving students a pre-assessment inventory to determine the divisor each student needs to focus on first. You will determine the path each student will take and track their progress using the Mastering Target Divisor Inventory Record Sheet. Every Monday the students will take a one-minute quiz (Version A) based on their individual needs and track their own progress. They will have a week to master that divisor by playing the Target Divisor Learning Link game at home with their family for at least five minutes a night. The parents will initial each week the amount of time their child played. On Friday, students will take the one-minute quiz (Version B) and track their performance. If they pass, they will focus on the next target divisor the following week. Once students have mastered divisors up to 12, they will take the post-assessment inventory and compare it to their pre-assessment. Students will earn a certificate once they master all their basic division facts. This program’s length will vary in weeks needed based on individual student performance. This program can be embedded in your daily math block or center time. If you have accelerated students, challenge them with additional Learning Link videos at their academic level.

Below we mapped out the details of the program along with links to all the resources you will need. Note: We have provided number playing cards as a printable document for students to use.

Target Divisor Video

Materials Provided

How to use the program:

Getting Started

  1. Give students the Target Divisor 1-12 Pre-Assessment Inventory.
  2. Give each student as much time as they need to complete the test and record their time and score on the Mastering Target Divisor Inventory Record Sheet.


Placing Students Based on Need

  1. Determine the divisor each student needs to begin with:
    1. For example, Student A got all the ones through fours correct, but you noticed they started getting division facts incorrect when they reached the fives. That student would need to begin their individual mastery program with the fives.
    2. For example, Student B mastered all the facts within the time you determined to be successful for your grade level.  They are ready for a more challenging concept in your curriculum. Check out other Learning Link Math Videos to challenge these students.
  2. Once you have determined each student’s placement:
    1. Give the divisor quiz for the identified level to see how many they get correct in one minute.
    2. Have the student record the number of correct problems on the My Target Divisor Facts Progress Page.
    3. Record your students’ performance on the Target Divisor Division Facts Class Tracking Form.
    4. The first week you will send home the Target Divisor Parent Letter that explains the program and asks parents to play the Target Divisor Learning Link game with their child and the Target Divisor At-Home Practice Sheet for recording the time spent playing each evening.  Parents will return the at-home practice sheet with their signature each Friday.  The Target Divisor Activity Card, the Target Divisor Playing Cards, and the List of cards needed for each Target Divisor also need to be sent home. The cards will need to be printed to play the game, so you will need to either send home the PDF for parents to print or print the cards out for your students.
    5. Ideally, students will play Target Divisor for at least 5 minutes at home each night.
    6. On Friday give students the posttest for their identified divisor. The quizzes are provided for you in the Teacher Resource section of Learning Link on Connected Class.  If students pass, they will work on the next target divisor the following week.  If they do not pass, they will repeat the same target divisor again.
    7. Identify the target divisor for the following week and list it on each student’s Target Divisor At-Home Practice Sheet.
    8. Each target divisor has specific cards that must be used from the cards provided.  Here is the chart explaining which cards to use for each round: 
    9. Repeat this process with each student until they master all the division facts up to dividing by 12.
    10. Once they have mastered all the facts have them take the Target Divisor 1-12 Post-Assessment Inventory to evaluate their progress.  If they master accuracy and speed award them with the Target Divisor Mastering Basic Division Facts Program Certificate

Program Extension

If you have students that know their division facts well or have successfully completed the Target Divisor Program, check out the Learning Link Division Page for more division activities.